Cure For Sweaty Hands - Stop Sweaty Palms With This Proven Age Old Method

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Published: 20th January 2011
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The right words to describe the effects of excessive hand sweat or palmar hyperhidrosis are embarrassing and frustrating to say the least. Imagine how challenging it can be with the simple act of hand shaking if you have wet cold and clammy hands. Not to mention that the hands you will be shaking are from the job interviewing panel. And visualize the danger if you had to handle machinery at work with sweating hands or manage the steering wheel driving your car in summer without gloves. Obviously it is about time for you to find the right cure for sweaty hands, in fact, you should make it your priority to stop sweaty palms as soon as possible.

Your palmar hyperhidrosis originates from hyperactive nervous system and could be further aggravated by external stimuli like stress, fear, hot weather, lack of proper ventilation etc. However, often enough, extreme cases of hand sweat can occur with minimal external stimuli.

Practicing Pilates and yoga can help relax your mind and body, decreasing the level of stress and anxiety you face at work and in life. While this is not the cure all for palmar hyperhidrosis, you should see certain improvements over time.

Consuming the right type of foods and beverages can make a difference to your disorder. Drinking lots of fluid and water helps to flush out the toxins in your system, cooling the body and reducing the amount of perspiration. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, less meats and deep fried foods. Reduce your consumption of caffeine, nicotine as well as alcohol and you will see a marked difference in your hand sweat patterns.

Combine the above with iontophoresis treatment and you will have dry palms and maintain the dryness. Iontopohoresis treatment can help you stop sweaty palms within one week. It is a tried and tested approach by millions of grateful ex hand sweat sufferers which simple require twenty minutes per day for seven days to complete a simple routine of soaking your hands into trays of water with a connect device. The cost of this routine is greatly reduced by the fact that you can easily make your own device at a fraction of the cost and achieve similar results. Hence the real cure for sweaty hands is in fact a holistic process over time.

So CURE your sweaty palms with this proven and tested method just like me. Stop Sweaty Hands and Get Rid of your sweaty hands and feet in just 5 days. Or Simply visit for more details.

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